The SAFE project Foundation’s core program, night time street outreach, provides resources and support to homeless individuals who are at risk from living on the streets. The SAFE pack Delivery Street Outreach Teams are ARMED with brochures, resources, plenty of food, water, hygiene kits and the offer of on-the-spot assistance and support, outreach volunteers’ presence earns them trust among adults and youth on the streets and provides them the chance to talk about services including local programs within the community. 

Our outreach program is focused on providing and referring services including:

  • Street-based direct outreach
  • Access to emergency shelter and Detox Centers
  • Prevention and education activities
  • Information and referrals 
  • Follow-up support

If you would like one of our Delivery’s to be In Memory of someone or In Strength of someone let us know and we would love to chat more about your loved one(s)

Any organizations that would like to join us or add your resources on our resource cards, hit us up!
                               All are welcome to attend our PRE-PACK

“Sometimes we have to go through the struggle to see our true greatness “